Be Selfless

21st century turning out to be full of technologies, materialistic approach into every field, humans are evolving much more than ever. Every day we come across to something new and exciting.

But besides all of it, we are lacking humanity. We are turning into the cruellest creatures, even animals are better than us.

Anyway, we all have forgotten the meaning of humanity. We give our best in direct or indirect ways in harming the universe and still has audacity to expect everything positive in every step of our life.

When our bad karma comes back to us in a different form, we start blaming God for not being fair to us as we worshipped him every day.

According to Buddha and Jain philosophy, Principle of karma is the chief essence of a happy life. If our actions are decent, we are not hurting or harming anyone mentally, physically or spiritually, then nothing can go incorrect with us. And if our actions are hurtful, no one can save us, because ”what goes around comes back”. We all are familiar with this sentence.

We often help someone and expect the equivalent in return and when that person refrains from doing so, we get so heated and start hating that person or start bitching about him.

But think, when you benefited that person with your actions, was it a forceful act?
Can anyone force you to do something which you don’t like to do?
This is your choice na..

Nobody’s begging is bigger than your own will power. So, when you supported someone that was with your own will.
Why do you have to help someone keeping conditions to that and later when things don’t go your way, you just hurt your self-peace only.

So, for this permanent problem, the solution is in Bhagwat Geeta. Sri Krishna in Bhagwat great mentioned the types of karma. In which “Nishkam karma” (Self-less action) is the central tenet of Karma yoga for liberation.

When we do our actions for good without expecting anything in return, how are we supposed to get hurt?

Try to give it a thought.

Comment your views on this one.

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11 thoughts on “Be Selfless”

  1. This is beautiful, Nishkam karma. Clearly a solution to the major instability. The expectations we hold, and get disappointed in the go.
    More the selfless, more the selffull.

    Again, wonderful words Woman.! 🌹


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