Choose Your Right

In a world, full of diverse population it’s hard to decide who/what is right and who/what is wrong. Only universal truths are undeniable. Like The sun rises from east and sets in west. This truth is undeniable and unarguable, everybody knows it and accepts it.

So, now if one day sun rises from west then also ,we’ll accept it as east only.

Everyone has their own choices, own opinions and own perspective about things which are correct according to them and can be incorrect according to others.

For example- Eating animals is correct according to so many people around the world as animals gives protein and vitamin and tastes good, we gave those people a category known as”Non-Vegetarians”.

Whereas, on contrary to it, there is a different category who believes that animal eating is wrong, we can get all the nutrition through plants, they are categorised as “Vegetarians”.

And few years back, new theory came up which said not to have animal milk and other dairy products as animals are not been treated nicely, been injected , not grass fed, this category is known as “Vegans”.

So, from this only example you can understand that ,how one topic food ,which is a basic necessity of everyone to live ,has so many ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’.

If you connect yourself with the people who are more into non-vegetarian meals and you have never thought about “rights” and “wrongs” about being vegetarian or non vegetarian or vegan. They’ll influence your thought and you too will consider meat as a healthy diet.

Whereas, if you connect yourself with people who are vegan and they are successful leaving good impression on you about veganism, then vegan diet is “right” for you and animal food is “wrong”.

Similarly ,if we dive into spiritual norms according to different religion-

•There are different perspectives and teachings.Like, drinking wine is considered pious in christianity where as ,considered sin in islam.

•Eating meat is considered good health in Islam and sinful in hinduism.

•Wearing white is considered as symbol of peace and harmony in marital life for christians, whereas, hindu’s wear white in funeral.

So, the point which I want to make through this blog is- YOU choose your “right” and “wrong”.

YOU will decide what is right for you and what is not.

So, it’s better to sit with yourself and decide your boundaries your deeds. But make sure that whatever boundaries you set are least harmful for nature, maintaining harmony in nature and giving you inner peace. Your deeds should make your heart happy and for longer time.

Do good and receive good.

Thank you for reading. Do comment down your reviews.😊

Thy Food, Thy Medicine

In Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna announced three types of the body categorised in nature.

Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik.

He mentioned that our nature depends on the type of food we eat.

Let me give you a brief about what these above-mentioned types of body are and how our nature depends on that.


People of tamsik nature are very lazy, they procrastinate every work which comes around, They are uncultured and limited to self.

Cons of Tamsik food- Dull mind, confused, disorientation.

Food that Tamsik people eat- Processed, packaged, stale food, Non-vegetarian diet, sugary food, excessive oil.


People of rajsik nature are very energetic, does whatever it takes to feed their ego, they give their best in every work in the desire of fruit of economic development. This seems like nectar initially but later on, nectar turns into poison as greed starts to grow which leads to destruction.

Cons of Rajsik food- They are more stressed, has lifestyle disorders, lose tempered, easily annoyed.

Food that Rajsik people- Lots of Spices, onion, garlic, coffee, fried food



People of satvik nature is very calm, humble, caring and oriented. They don’t procrastinate either they do something in the desire of outcome. They don’t get excited instead stays calm.

Satvik food example- Fresh, vegetarian, less cooked, mostly raw food.

People belong to Tamsik and Rajsik category doesn’t have any proper timings for meals and neither they are bothered about the amount of food intake.

But satvik category people have lived according to nature. Their timing and amount of food intake matters to them.

You must have witnessed the time when someone fell ill, they are advised to have light, vegetarian food only which are easy to digest.

Because it is said in yoga and Ayurveda that whatever ailment we come across to

most of them start due to poor digestive system.

And when we switch our diet to satvik diet, our body starts healing itself and we start recovering.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” which means “The food itself is the medicine”.


Whenever you visit doctor or health and wellness trainer, the first thing they tell you right after you finish reciting your health issue is- Change your diet and start working out.

Whenever you’ll ask any of the knowledgable yoga teachers about diet, they’ll always recommend you to have a satvik diet. No matter what ailment you are suffering from.

Satvik diet can heal from Acute fever to chronic diseases like ulcer or cancer.

In short, Food is the only medicine you need to take in the right quantity, right type and on right time. Along with some workout too be it an intense workout or mere walking.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻

Disciplined Lifestyle


Lifestyle plays a very big role in our life. We are becoming our own enemy when it comes to lifestyle. Late night parties, boozing, smoking, staying awake for a whole night, sleeping all day long, eating trash are all cool for us. But all of these are against nature.

We believe, that if someone is doing all such things they are the owner of a very lively and happening lifestyle. But, due to this so-called happening lifestyle, we neglect to listen to our body and invite so many ailments. These ailments don’t occur overnight, it takes months and years to occur and our body keeps sending us warnings but we neglect them as to keep going on.

Majority of us believes that in old age everybody suffers from diseases, so, why not we enjoy now. Let’s go with the flow and keeps health at stake. But what if I say that for your whole life, you’ll be free from any chronic disease. Your all hard-earned money and happiness will be with you during your old age too. You’ll be fit for life?

Okay! you don’t believe me and must be saying that “Buddhapa kisne dekha” but god forbid when you’ll actually going to enter it and all your hard-earned money will be spent on hospitals and on medications, you’ll understand.

Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, PCOD,  hormonal imbalance, ulcer, migraine, cervical etc are few examples of lifestyle disorders. When we go against nature, our body starts reacting to that warns us and eventually, when we do not listen to it, we suffer.

How Bad Lifestyle Affects:

When our lifestyle is totally against nature, it might be a cool factor for many but internally it affects drastically.

Now, I am going to present a few examples to explain the above lines:

1-Due to working on computer whole day and using the phone for long hours, we keep our neck down. While sleeping, the majority of people uses big soft fluffy pillows under their neck to sleep.

This habit hurts cervical bones present in the back of the neck, and hence you, start feeling pain in neck, shoulders and might feel unconscious or blackout sometimes.

2-Due to poor eating habits and no workout acidity increases in the body which turns into an ulcer if not taken care of.

3-Thinking way too much over unnecessary things, stressing over everything leads to migraine, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, obesity.

What is a good lifestyle?

A good lifestyle is that lifestyle which is according to nature. Humans are not made for multi-tasking, eat animals, staying up late in the night, staying all-time in Air-conditioned rooms etc.

So, when we avoid all of these bad habits from our lifestyle and start living like animals in the forest, we’ll automatically become healthier.

Animals in the forest lives according to nature only. They do not go against nature. And if they fell ill due to something wrong. They listen to their body and do as it says. They don’t take any medications for treatment.

If they feel lazy, they rest. If they feel like not eating, they don’t eat.

So, if we too listen our body and do as if it says, we too won’t be suffering from any chronic diseases.

How To Get Into Healthy Lifestyle:

Getting into a healthy lifestyle might not be possible for many but surely try giving it a try.

1- Make a proper schedule and stick to it

The schedule should include early wake up, workout, Off to work and early to bed.

2- Eat fresh, clean and most preferably raw food.

3-Minimum screen time of the phone, instead spend some time in sunlight (early morning) and nature.

4- Maintain proper hygiene

5- Wear loose and comfortable clothes, so your body can breathe.

6- Eat seasonal food only, for example, mango in summers

7- Try to avoid medications, our body has its own healing power. If you are suffering from normal fever, try not to take medicines instead listen to your body. If you don’t feel like eating don’t eat and rest. You yourself will be fine in 1-2days. This is the body’s own way of healing.

8- Stop giving your controller to your mind. Instead, you are the controller of your mind.

9-Stop being the slave of weighing scale and stressing over it, instead start moving your body, improve your sleep pattern, eat healthily.

10-Stop eating junk, alcohol, smoke etc.

I know due to the fast pace world and working environment, converting lifestyle completely is not possible but we can definitely try bringing change in possible things. We can at least improve sleeping pattern, avoid using gadgets as much as possible, cutting down junk from the diet, party only once in a month.

I urge you all who are suffering from lifestyle disorders also who are not and still having bad lifestyle, to fix it on time before it gets too late🙏🏻

Thank you for sparing out your valuable time and giving it a read😇


Coping with Anxiety

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia: these words are getting so common in our everyday life. If you yourself are not experiencing them, then your known one definitely is.

We all are so familiar with them, every second person is dealing with one of these issues and fighting every day to overcome them and still not doing anything.

I, every other day come across to people who are suffering from these issues, wants to get out of it but are not able to do anything.

Some of them try meditating but meditation during chaos in mind creates disruption instead of healing.

Then what to do?

How to deal with it?

Is there any yogasana to help them?

The answer is ‘No’. Nobody is going to help you. You need to help yourself. Yoga can only help when you are allowing it to help. 

Only your efforts can help you in dealing with your own mental health.

Now, you’ll say- Ya we know that but it is not as easy as you just say.

Answer to this is- Everybody in this world goes through pain be it physical, mental or emotional, hopefully, you might not be at that bad place in mind as bad you are making it.

Pain is part of life but suffering is in our own hands. Our attitude towards situation leads through or over sufferings.

We can choose ourself whether we want to be the victim of that pain or be the victor by getting over it.

Getting over your anxiety is purely mind game.


There are three kinds of mind-

1- Shakes at everything and keeps making you mentally weak. Over thinks everything.

2-Stays cool but when something goes wrong or not appropriate according to you, stays in mind for a long time.

3-Gets hurt if something goes inappropriate but after a few minutes or in less span of time gets back to normal.


We need to train our mind for this third category and how we can do this?

According to The Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 6-


There are three rules of a happy life:

1- Be a giver, not a receiver

2- Be in a relationship without expecting anything in return, as expectation leads to heartbreak when it doesn’t meet your level.

3- Don’t fall for anticipation, stay in present.


Also one practical advice I would like to share with y’all.

Try to substitute your negative thoughts with positive ones. This activity doesn’t happen in one go, it takes time but once you set your mind according to this, things start to get smooth.

So, on this independence day let us free ourselves from the prison of our negative thoughts and try bringing positivity in our attitude and in our life.

Happy Independence Day

Jai hind🇮🇳

Be Selfless

21st century turning out to be full of technologies, materialistic approach into every field, humans are evolving much more than ever. Every day we come across to something new and exciting.

But besides all of it, we are lacking humanity. We are turning into the cruellest creatures, even animals are better than us.

Anyway, we all have forgotten the meaning of humanity. We give our best in direct or indirect ways in harming the universe and still has audacity to expect everything positive in every step of our life.

When our bad karma comes back to us in a different form, we start blaming God for not being fair to us as we worshipped him every day.

According to Buddha and Jain philosophy, Principle of karma is the chief essence of a happy life. If our actions are decent, we are not hurting or harming anyone mentally, physically or spiritually, then nothing can go incorrect with us. And if our actions are hurtful, no one can save us, because ”what goes around comes back”. We all are familiar with this sentence.

We often help someone and expect the equivalent in return and when that person refrains from doing so, we get so heated and start hating that person or start bitching about him.

But think, when you benefited that person with your actions, was it a forceful act?
Can anyone force you to do something which you don’t like to do?
This is your choice na..

Nobody’s begging is bigger than your own will power. So, when you supported someone that was with your own will.
Why do you have to help someone keeping conditions to that and later when things don’t go your way, you just hurt your self-peace only.

So, for this permanent problem, the solution is in Bhagwat Geeta. Sri Krishna in Bhagwat great mentioned the types of karma. In which “Nishkam karma” (Self-less action) is the central tenet of Karma yoga for liberation.

When we do our actions for good without expecting anything in return, how are we supposed to get hurt?

Try to give it a thought.

Comment your views on this one.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏻



Are you dealing with loneliness?

Being a yoga practitioner now from 3years, I have  certain interest in watching sensible videos rather than just movies or series on Netflix.

I open my youtube to watch certain videos which are about life and yoga. Yoga is such a beautiful thing. For many who are unaware, for them, yoga is just about twisting and turning their body but why we do so, is the question.

To stay fit, to look good which emphasises on our physical body. But it is actually about the union of us with us.

So, I was watching a video of Isha Sadhguru Ji, he always says things which are so meaningful but one thing he said and it hit me so well and made so much sense to me that I couldn’t resist myself from sharing with you all. I want everybody to know that.

One of his disciples/volunteers asked him, how to handle loneliness? And he gave such a beautiful answer to it that “YOU think you are alone and the universe is against you” Read it again.

It is just in our head, we are breathing normally, water is good with us, food is okay

what else do we need to live? Why give another person so much importance that it starts affecting you?

We are so blessed to be born as humans, it takes lot many years to be born as humans, we are privileged to have a brain but we ourself is affecting us through imagining our future and memorizing the past.

We were not born with this stress, we are just creating it ourselves. I have come across to such conversations so many times. It is not a time to just read and leave. This is the time to actually bring yourself in symmetry. Be grateful for this life, this body and take care of yourself.

Take care of your eating habits, make sure you are eating correct and fresh, moving your body every day, keeping yourself hydrated, give yourself few minutes of quietness, spend some time in the fresh air, most importantly make yourself the first priority.

I know it’s not easy to give up over things in which you have invested ( Here investment means into relationships) but you can make your mental peace as first priority and never PRESUME that you are lonely. Maybe you don’t have people around you whom you are looking to encourage you, whose validation is important to you but rest universe is the same. You just need to stop assuming your loneliness and prioritise your mental peace.

Connect yourself to nature and that’s when you observe that nothing left you, everything is same. Just a few so-called friends are not with you which is totally fine. Let it be. The world is full of humans, you’ll find so many more friends.

Learn to glorify your own existence in the world rather others.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻

WTF – What a Transformation, Friend

This blog idea is totally inspired by my friend Sidhu Jain, I just read one of his blog on his Instagram page @Lifeis_liit. After reading this, if you want to have some laughter, try reading his blog “Introduce Yourself”.

Okay! credits over (You don’t deserve much), now let’s read my story because that is why y’all are here for, not to read a review of Sidhu’s page, (who is also not a star boy and struggling to get followers)

Anyway, let’s start, so back in high school, I was skinny (which still I am) but back then I spent half of my life by weighing just 30-32kg. 30kg in summers and 32kg in winter because of that school blazer we wore. Even if I would jump on weighing machine still the meter goes till 32.2kg not more than that.

And I used to get so happy that I always gain 2kgs in winter. (Because I was in school and I was a kid)

But this isn’t a funny part. The funny part is that I used to believe that I can beat up anyone. I am the strongest. (Hahaha oops! I am not supposed to laugh on this) But yeah it’s true. And now the funniest part is coming up.

I had three best friends who were very pretty and still are, they used to call “ME” to protect them from guys who used to tease them. Yes! you read it right, “Me” 4’11 heightened girl with 30kg complete bodyweight, who’s tailor refused to alter her small-sized school uniform because it was still too big for her and after alteration as well her school uniform could fit one more “Me” into it.

I had no goals in life, I was just dragging myself every year. I went to college having no aim, my marks fitted in BA prog course, so I did BA prog, and every year I failed in 2-3 subjects. ( You must be wondering, who gets fail in BA prog, answer to your question is- ME..duh!) having no growth in physical structure, spent 3years in college, weighing 32kg.  And now comes the best part, a guy who is now a very good friend of mine who was and is quite handsome, proposed me then

and I rejected him (hahahahahhahahahhaha, Look at my guts).🤪

Now college over and let’s talk about life. When I was 23years old, I decided to put on weight. I gained 10kgs and reached 42kg. For me, I got fat but for everyone else, I started to be visible.

I still had no plans for life, just kept dragging myself, getting into any occupation I thought I could fit into with that amazing skinny body (sarcasm) and hot-tempered nature.

I kept exploring myself, hoping one day I’ll get to know my goal. After 25years of age, I finally got my kickstart which is yoga. Stepping into the yoga field is my best decision eternally. I do not regret it and won’t be regretting ever. I started getting into shape (Still skinny but now in shape), I started working on myself, I learnt the meaning of hard work, I started loving myself, became calmer, polite (mostly) and grew to helping in nature.

And now my that friend who proposed me then, when I was so ugly, keeps insulting me now. (You have got some serious brain damage buddy, now is the time to propose me, that was not. Though I am still going to reject you but this time with some logic)

Conclusion of this whole story is- Yoga has all the power to transform one, physically and mentally. And everybody has their own right time, do not compare your story with others. You are unique in your own way.


You And I

You and I

I roast people.

I criticise.

I am stubborn.

I lie.

I hurt others.

Wondering why I mentioned my negative points here in this blog?

Because having been scrolling Instagram all day long and came across to quotes which inspire many, especially teenagers who went through failed relationships.

And somewhere deep down they start connecting themselves with those posts.

The similarity in such posts is that “You/He/She” (Another person) is always been accused and “I” is always a victim.

How always “I” correct and “you” wrong?

We live in a society where criticising others makes us look innocent.

I believe in fact,  that nobody is perfect and everybody tends to make mistakes. And nobody can clap with their one hand, the failure is from both sides. We always believe that we’ve given our best and another person still left us.

Ever wondered why? What went wrong?

There might be something wrong with “I” too.

Might be “I” mentally tortured “YOU” and brought him/her to its extent where he/she has to step forward leaving “I” behind.

Might be “I” trusted the wrong person, who is not actually wrong or bad person but not correct for “I” as well.

Reasons could be many.

Instead of accusing “You”, Start Introspecting within. Sit with yourself and try discovering the reason, keeping your mind neutral.

According to Yoga: Universe is within us, our all answers of the questions lies within us. We just need to give time to ourselves, talk to ourselves, learn to understand our own mistakes and faults. If we got these answers and we work on it, then “You” will never be accused just respected by “I” or vice-versa.

I am working on myself

Are you?


Thank You For Reading🙏🏻

Maturity- The matter of experience

We have been listening “Be mature” since we have entered our 20s. Every time we act stupid according to others, all they say is “Be mature” , “Act according to your age”.

But my question here is, that maturity really comes with age?

I have seen so many people who are at their 40s or Older  and still gets jealous from success of others, still works to flaunt others, still are receiver instead of giver, and so on.

But then there are people who are at their teens or 20s and still understands a lot of things, has no expectations from others, works only for themselves and so on.

Is it what maturity really means?

According to a renowned Indian Philosopher- Adi Shankar Acharya Ji, Maturity comes when-

You focus on your own betterment rather trying to change others.

You accept the one as it is.

•You understand and actually follow the principle of “Let Go”.

You have no expectation from others in return and still being a giver.

•You do things for your self-peace.

•You stop proving your intelligence to others.

•You stop bothering about others acceptance.

•You stop comparing yourself to others.

You accept the fact that everybody is correct in their own way.

•You are calm in yourself.

•You understand the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and are ready to give up on your ‘wants’.

You stop materialising your happiness.

So, here in these pointers above, age bar is not mentioned. What I have understood with this is, that “Maturity” comes with experience not with age. Also you can now check your level of maturity with these pointers mentioned above and start working on yourself.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻