Choose Your Right

In a world, full of diverse population it’s hard to decide who/what is right and who/what is wrong. Only universal truths are undeniable. Like The sun rises from east and sets in west. This truth is undeniable and unarguable, everybody knows it and accepts it.

So, now if one day sun rises from west then also ,we’ll accept it as east only.

Everyone has their own choices, own opinions and own perspective about things which are correct according to them and can be incorrect according to others.

For example- Eating animals is correct according to so many people around the world as animals gives protein and vitamin and tastes good, we gave those people a category known as”Non-Vegetarians”.

Whereas, on contrary to it, there is a different category who believes that animal eating is wrong, we can get all the nutrition through plants, they are categorised as “Vegetarians”.

And few years back, new theory came up which said not to have animal milk and other dairy products as animals are not been treated nicely, been injected , not grass fed, this category is known as “Vegans”.

So, from this only example you can understand that ,how one topic food ,which is a basic necessity of everyone to live ,has so many ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’.

If you connect yourself with the people who are more into non-vegetarian meals and you have never thought about “rights” and “wrongs” about being vegetarian or non vegetarian or vegan. They’ll influence your thought and you too will consider meat as a healthy diet.

Whereas, if you connect yourself with people who are vegan and they are successful leaving good impression on you about veganism, then vegan diet is “right” for you and animal food is “wrong”.

Similarly ,if we dive into spiritual norms according to different religion-

•There are different perspectives and teachings.Like, drinking wine is considered pious in christianity where as ,considered sin in islam.

•Eating meat is considered good health in Islam and sinful in hinduism.

•Wearing white is considered as symbol of peace and harmony in marital life for christians, whereas, hindu’s wear white in funeral.

So, the point which I want to make through this blog is- YOU choose your “right” and “wrong”.

YOU will decide what is right for you and what is not.

So, it’s better to sit with yourself and decide your boundaries your deeds. But make sure that whatever boundaries you set are least harmful for nature, maintaining harmony in nature and giving you inner peace. Your deeds should make your heart happy and for longer time.

Do good and receive good.

Thank you for reading. Do comment down your reviews.😊

26 thoughts on “Choose Your Right”

  1. Very good nami…one should know or experience first what is right and wrong for him /her instead believing others …thanks..keep going and keep writing like this …God bless you always

  2. “What we eat is what we are” this blog denotes clearly of healthy eating habits..
    Thank you for useful and beautiful narration I wishing you good luck n keep going 😍

  3. Yes we should believe in ourself first and think what is right or what is wrong for us we should not get influenced that’s a great blog I really loved it keep going
    Lots of love to you


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