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Lifestyle plays a very big role in our life. We are becoming our own enemy when it comes to lifestyle. Late night parties, boozing, smoking, staying awake for a whole night, sleeping all day long, eating trash are all cool for us. But all of these are against nature.

We believe, that if someone is doing all such things they are the owner of a very lively and happening lifestyle. But, due to this so-called happening lifestyle, we neglect to listen to our body and invite so many ailments. These ailments don’t occur overnight, it takes months and years to occur and our body keeps sending us warnings but we neglect them as to keep going on.

Majority of us believes that in old age everybody suffers from diseases, so, why not we enjoy now. Let’s go with the flow and keeps health at stake. But what if I say that for your whole life, you’ll be free from any chronic disease. Your all hard-earned money and happiness will be with you during your old age too. You’ll be fit for life?

Okay! you don’t believe me and must be saying that “Buddhapa kisne dekha” but god forbid when you’ll actually going to enter it and all your hard-earned money will be spent on hospitals and on medications, you’ll understand.

Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, PCOD,  hormonal imbalance, ulcer, migraine, cervical etc are few examples of lifestyle disorders. When we go against nature, our body starts reacting to that warns us and eventually, when we do not listen to it, we suffer.

How Bad Lifestyle Affects:

When our lifestyle is totally against nature, it might be a cool factor for many but internally it affects drastically.

Now, I am going to present a few examples to explain the above lines:

1-Due to working on computer whole day and using the phone for long hours, we keep our neck down. While sleeping, the majority of people uses big soft fluffy pillows under their neck to sleep.

This habit hurts cervical bones present in the back of the neck, and hence you, start feeling pain in neck, shoulders and might feel unconscious or blackout sometimes.

2-Due to poor eating habits and no workout acidity increases in the body which turns into an ulcer if not taken care of.

3-Thinking way too much over unnecessary things, stressing over everything leads to migraine, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, obesity.

What is a good lifestyle?

A good lifestyle is that lifestyle which is according to nature. Humans are not made for multi-tasking, eat animals, staying up late in the night, staying all-time in Air-conditioned rooms etc.

So, when we avoid all of these bad habits from our lifestyle and start living like animals in the forest, we’ll automatically become healthier.

Animals in the forest lives according to nature only. They do not go against nature. And if they fell ill due to something wrong. They listen to their body and do as it says. They don’t take any medications for treatment.

If they feel lazy, they rest. If they feel like not eating, they don’t eat.

So, if we too listen our body and do as if it says, we too won’t be suffering from any chronic diseases.

How To Get Into Healthy Lifestyle:

Getting into a healthy lifestyle might not be possible for many but surely try giving it a try.

1- Make a proper schedule and stick to it

The schedule should include early wake up, workout, Off to work and early to bed.

2- Eat fresh, clean and most preferably raw food.

3-Minimum screen time of the phone, instead spend some time in sunlight (early morning) and nature.

4- Maintain proper hygiene

5- Wear loose and comfortable clothes, so your body can breathe.

6- Eat seasonal food only, for example, mango in summers

7- Try to avoid medications, our body has its own healing power. If you are suffering from normal fever, try not to take medicines instead listen to your body. If you don’t feel like eating don’t eat and rest. You yourself will be fine in 1-2days. This is the body’s own way of healing.

8- Stop giving your controller to your mind. Instead, you are the controller of your mind.

9-Stop being the slave of weighing scale and stressing over it, instead start moving your body, improve your sleep pattern, eat healthily.

10-Stop eating junk, alcohol, smoke etc.

I know due to the fast pace world and working environment, converting lifestyle completely is not possible but we can definitely try bringing change in possible things. We can at least improve sleeping pattern, avoid using gadgets as much as possible, cutting down junk from the diet, party only once in a month.

I urge you all who are suffering from lifestyle disorders also who are not and still having bad lifestyle, to fix it on time before it gets too late🙏🏻

Thank you for sparing out your valuable time and giving it a read😇


20 thoughts on “Disciplined Lifestyle”

  1. This is really good. Looking here, clearly the one who is taking charge of an unhealthy schedule. Need to work on that.
    Not easy we all know, but not impossible.
    Thankyou for penning it down.

    Lovely changes you are trying to bring In. So proud of you. ❤

  2. So true…it gives a detailed picture of what’s happening unknowingly in all our lives.

    If we keep track of these habits, we can almost lead a happy and healthy life.


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