Are you dealing with loneliness?

Being a yoga practitioner now from 3years, I have  certain interest in watching sensible videos rather than just movies or series on Netflix.

I open my youtube to watch certain videos which are about life and yoga. Yoga is such a beautiful thing. For many who are unaware, for them, yoga is just about twisting and turning their body but why we do so, is the question.

To stay fit, to look good which emphasises on our physical body. But it is actually about the union of us with us.

So, I was watching a video of Isha Sadhguru Ji, he always says things which are so meaningful but one thing he said and it hit me so well and made so much sense to me that I couldn’t resist myself from sharing with you all. I want everybody to know that.

One of his disciples/volunteers asked him, how to handle loneliness? And he gave such a beautiful answer to it that “YOU think you are alone and the universe is against you” Read it again.

It is just in our head, we are breathing normally, water is good with us, food is okay

what else do we need to live? Why give another person so much importance that it starts affecting you?

We are so blessed to be born as humans, it takes lot many years to be born as humans, we are privileged to have a brain but we ourself is affecting us through imagining our future and memorizing the past.

We were not born with this stress, we are just creating it ourselves. I have come across to such conversations so many times. It is not a time to just read and leave. This is the time to actually bring yourself in symmetry. Be grateful for this life, this body and take care of yourself.

Take care of your eating habits, make sure you are eating correct and fresh, moving your body every day, keeping yourself hydrated, give yourself few minutes of quietness, spend some time in the fresh air, most importantly make yourself the first priority.

I know it’s not easy to give up over things in which you have invested ( Here investment means into relationships) but you can make your mental peace as first priority and never PRESUME that you are lonely. Maybe you don’t have people around you whom you are looking to encourage you, whose validation is important to you but rest universe is the same. You just need to stop assuming your loneliness and prioritise your mental peace.

Connect yourself to nature and that’s when you observe that nothing left you, everything is same. Just a few so-called friends are not with you which is totally fine. Let it be. The world is full of humans, you’ll find so many more friends.

Learn to glorify your own existence in the world rather others.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻

20 thoughts on “Are you dealing with loneliness?”

  1. Wow wow wow..!…I am feeling privileged today for getting you as a friend & a full yoga practitioner! & Most importantly…for all such helpful blogs!

    Thanku ♥️

  2. Hey Namita! This is such a great post! Just wanted to say how much I can relate. These are really great ideas. I look forward to learning more about you and seeing more cat posts.

  3. Beautifully explained what actually yoga is..i am really glad to read ur blogs namita..keep it up..u inspire others..Thank you😊

  4. Hey Namita!
    I think everyone needs to read this specially at this time. You have put forward your ideas so beautifully in this one. Looking forward to read more blogs from you 😊

  5. Thank you so much Namita for writing this beautiful blog and inspiring us as you always do❤️ Even I’ve made few bad choices in my past just because of the fear of being lonely 😕 but now I understand that it’s all in our minds and getting rid of this fear is so important. It can be possible by becoming self aware and knowing ourselves more. I am trying everyday to introspect myself and your posts keep reminding me that it’s an on-going process. Thanks for giving us a new perspective❤️ Keep writing and inspiring😘 lots of love and power to you

  6. I love this line” you think you are alone and universe is against you” I can relate past fear of lonliness is my biggest fear or weakness.but I also did same thing like uhh….,Well written keep it up sis❤️ also waiting for new intesting and Inspiring blog❤️

  7. Well, even though it was a late read for me, but won’t stop me to drop in and encourage you for all the beautiful changes you are trying to build around you. And yes no one is lonely, we have the whole universe with us then what’s with few people who made us feel like that. All a fishy story. Having said that, I deliberately wanna say I love this post and I love all the work you are putting in. Always in and along you, with such enthusiast vibes.

    Much respect woman 🌹

  8. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, You must keep moving.
    Keep up the good work. Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now.
    Looking forward for more blogs. 🙏🏻 🤞🏻👍🏻


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