Maturity- The matter of experience

We have been listening “Be mature” since we have entered our 20s. Every time we act stupid according to others, all they say is “Be mature” , “Act according to your age”.

But my question here is, that maturity really comes with age?

I have seen so many people who are at their 40s or Older  and still gets jealous from success of others, still works to flaunt others, still are receiver instead of giver, and so on.

But then there are people who are at their teens or 20s and still understands a lot of things, has no expectations from others, works only for themselves and so on.

Is it what maturity really means?

According to a renowned Indian Philosopher- Adi Shankar Acharya Ji, Maturity comes when-

You focus on your own betterment rather trying to change others.

You accept the one as it is.

•You understand and actually follow the principle of “Let Go”.

You have no expectation from others in return and still being a giver.

•You do things for your self-peace.

•You stop proving your intelligence to others.

•You stop bothering about others acceptance.

•You stop comparing yourself to others.

You accept the fact that everybody is correct in their own way.

•You are calm in yourself.

•You understand the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and are ready to give up on your ‘wants’.

You stop materialising your happiness.

So, here in these pointers above, age bar is not mentioned. What I have understood with this is, that “Maturity” comes with experience not with age. Also you can now check your level of maturity with these pointers mentioned above and start working on yourself.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻

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  1. It is really good …it helped us in knowing ourself better…keep going girl….it works like a filter which purify ur body…..all the best…🥰🥰👍

  2. In shot clearly, define the actually meaning of maturity💫we want more blogs like this namita!! Keep it up girl❤️


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