A Happy Life

What Is a Happy Life?

Everybody Has Their Own Answers To This Question.
Everybody has their own perspective on it.

  • For some of us, a happy life is about having piles of prosperity
  • For some of us, a happy life is to spend time with family.
  • For Some Of Us, It’s All About Partying, Wearing Luxuries, Showing Off Of Our Wealth.
  • And Some Of Us Are Just Happy Life Is To Be Alive.

We All Live Our Lives According To Our Own Understanding

But According to Yogic Texts, A Happy Life Is When You Are At Peace From Within.

You Are Happy When You Give Your Best In Whatever Things You Do. Hence, There Is No Space For Any Negativities.

You Are Happy When You Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

You Are Happy When You Do Things For Yourself, Not To Impress Others

You Are Happy When There Is No Hatred In You

I Am Not Just Writing Here What I Read But I Am Writing What I Actually, Experienced.

I’ve Been Into Yoga Since Past Two Years But I Never Felt This Way.

I Used To Practice Yoga As Exercise Like Most Of Us Do.

It Never Had This Much Of Impact On My Existence As Much It Did When In 2019, November I Went To Rishikesh For My Yoga Teacher Training Course Of 200 Hours.

Before Rishikesh, I Had Completion Of One Year Post Graduation Diploma In Yoga And Naturopathy, I Took Yoga Just As My Career Wanted To Earn Money By Teaching Techniques Of Yogasana And Pranayama

I Never Gave Much Importance To Its Significance

I Kept Following My Unhealthy Lifestyle, My Eating Habits, My Tone While Speaking, Was All Same (Which Is Considered Unhealthy According To Yogic Lifestyle).

But One Month In Rishikesh Changed Me As A Person.

I Felt Like, This Is What I Was Striving.

One Day I Walked Up The Hill All Alone In My Free Time Towards Jungle Because I Wanted To See Waterfall.

Before That, I Never Hiked Or Went On Trekking So This 2-3kms Of Hiking Was Huge For Me That To Solo, Woah😁

Anyways, I Kept Walking Following The Sound Of Water, Without Any Fear Of Animals Or Getting Raped, I Was Just So Free.

The Moment I Reached To The Waterfall Which I Thought I Wouldn’t Be Able To Find, I Dipped My Tiring Feet In Chilled Water, Soaked Myself Into Warm Sunrays, Greenery Everywhere, No Phone Signals And There, I Was Sitting In Lap Of Nature All Alone For First 7 Minutes.

And Those 7 Minutes Changed Me Completely.

I Felt That This Is Real Happiness, I Felt Happy From Within, I Felt That Whole Life We Kept Believing That Happiness Is About Partying, Boozing, Nightout With Friends, Eating Tasty Junk Food And So On. But Actual Happiness Is When You Connect To Your Innerself.

And When We Connect To Ourself We Create A Positive Aura Around. I Started Practicing Substituting Negative Thoughts With Positive One’s And Presently, I Have Improved Relations, I Started Communicating In Polite Way, I Overcame My Anger issues, I Have A Healthy Lifestyle (Early To Bed, Early To rising) I Eat Clean, Fresh Homemade Vegetarian Food.

Whole Life We Keep Hunting For Happiness And Mistakens It

With Temporary Distractions.

Rather Connecting To Ourselves We Try Connecting To People With Whom We Either Share Same Experiences Or Who Is Totally Opposite To Us, Thinking That They’ll Bring Our Broken Parts Together.

But According To Yoga ( Which I Personally Believe Too) If We Cannot Connect To Ourselves, If We Cannot Fix Ourselves, Then, How Can We Except Others Fix Us Who Already Has Their Own Drama In Life.

Everybody Has Their Own Problems To Solve Everybody Hs Their Own Sorrows.

To Which There Are Few Common Solutions That Are

~To Connect To Yourself

~Create Positive Aura Around You By Making Your Thoughts  Optimistic

~Do Not Let Pessimistic Thoughts Create Havoc On Your Mind

~Practice Controlling Your Thoughts, Do Not Let Your Thoughts Control You

~Start Living In Present, Rather Letting Past Or  Future Overcome You.

~Do Not Analyse Unreal Things In Your Head Which Makes You Pathetic.

~Send Positive Vibes To Universe And Let Universe Send It Back To You

Hope My This Very First Blog Brings Some Positivity In You.