Thy Food, Thy Medicine

In Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna announced three types of the body categorised in nature.

Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik.

He mentioned that our nature depends on the type of food we eat.

Let me give you a brief about what these above-mentioned types of body are and how our nature depends on that.


People of tamsik nature are very lazy, they procrastinate every work which comes around, They are uncultured and limited to self.

Cons of Tamsik food- Dull mind, confused, disorientation.

Food that Tamsik people eat- Processed, packaged, stale food, Non-vegetarian diet, sugary food, excessive oil.


People of rajsik nature are very energetic, does whatever it takes to feed their ego, they give their best in every work in the desire of fruit of economic development. This seems like nectar initially but later on, nectar turns into poison as greed starts to grow which leads to destruction.

Cons of Rajsik food- They are more stressed, has lifestyle disorders, lose tempered, easily annoyed.

Food that Rajsik people- Lots of Spices, onion, garlic, coffee, fried food



People of satvik nature is very calm, humble, caring and oriented. They don’t procrastinate either they do something in the desire of outcome. They don’t get excited instead stays calm.

Satvik food example- Fresh, vegetarian, less cooked, mostly raw food.

People belong to Tamsik and Rajsik category doesn’t have any proper timings for meals and neither they are bothered about the amount of food intake.

But satvik category people have lived according to nature. Their timing and amount of food intake matters to them.

You must have witnessed the time when someone fell ill, they are advised to have light, vegetarian food only which are easy to digest.

Because it is said in yoga and Ayurveda that whatever ailment we come across to

most of them start due to poor digestive system.

And when we switch our diet to satvik diet, our body starts healing itself and we start recovering.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” which means “The food itself is the medicine”.


Whenever you visit doctor or health and wellness trainer, the first thing they tell you right after you finish reciting your health issue is- Change your diet and start working out.

Whenever you’ll ask any of the knowledgable yoga teachers about diet, they’ll always recommend you to have a satvik diet. No matter what ailment you are suffering from.

Satvik diet can heal from Acute fever to chronic diseases like ulcer or cancer.

In short, Food is the only medicine you need to take in the right quantity, right type and on right time. Along with some workout too be it an intense workout or mere walking.

Thank you for reading🙏🏻

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  1. This are some wale up calls that needs to be received. I wish I could fall in the right category some day. But this superbly presented. I am glad you have implemented the awareness.

    Keep growing,
    Keep glowing. 🌹

  2. Namita, thanks for sharing valuable information. Now, i can relate people’s nature with the food they intake.😄

    Keep growing!❤️

  3. Very well said nami….very good thought said by lord Krishna and helpful for all people during this time…thank once again for beautiful thought


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