WTF – What a Transformation, Friend

This blog idea is totally inspired by my friend Sidhu Jain, I just read one of his blog on his Instagram page @Lifeis_liit. After reading this, if you want to have some laughter, try reading his blog “Introduce Yourself”.

Okay! credits over (You don’t deserve much), now let’s read my story because that is why y’all are here for, not to read a review of Sidhu’s page, (who is also not a star boy and struggling to get followers)

Anyway, let’s start, so back in high school, I was skinny (which still I am) but back then I spent half of my life by weighing just 30-32kg. 30kg in summers and 32kg in winter because of that school blazer we wore. Even if I would jump on weighing machine still the meter goes till 32.2kg not more than that.

And I used to get so happy that I always gain 2kgs in winter. (Because I was in school and I was a kid)

But this isn’t a funny part. The funny part is that I used to believe that I can beat up anyone. I am the strongest. (Hahaha oops! I am not supposed to laugh on this) But yeah it’s true. And now the funniest part is coming up.

I had three best friends who were very pretty and still are, they used to call “ME” to protect them from guys who used to tease them. Yes! you read it right, “Me” 4’11 heightened girl with 30kg complete bodyweight, who’s tailor refused to alter her small-sized school uniform because it was still too big for her and after alteration as well her school uniform could fit one more “Me” into it.

I had no goals in life, I was just dragging myself every year. I went to college having no aim, my marks fitted in BA prog course, so I did BA prog, and every year I failed in 2-3 subjects. ( You must be wondering, who gets fail in BA prog, answer to your question is- ME..duh!) having no growth in physical structure, spent 3years in college, weighing 32kg.  And now comes the best part, a guy who is now a very good friend of mine who was and is quite handsome, proposed me then

and I rejected him (hahahahahhahahahhaha, Look at my guts).🤪

Now college over and let’s talk about life. When I was 23years old, I decided to put on weight. I gained 10kgs and reached 42kg. For me, I got fat but for everyone else, I started to be visible.

I still had no plans for life, just kept dragging myself, getting into any occupation I thought I could fit into with that amazing skinny body (sarcasm) and hot-tempered nature.

I kept exploring myself, hoping one day I’ll get to know my goal. After 25years of age, I finally got my kickstart which is yoga. Stepping into the yoga field is my best decision eternally. I do not regret it and won’t be regretting ever. I started getting into shape (Still skinny but now in shape), I started working on myself, I learnt the meaning of hard work, I started loving myself, became calmer, polite (mostly) and grew to helping in nature.

And now my that friend who proposed me then, when I was so ugly, keeps insulting me now. (You have got some serious brain damage buddy, now is the time to propose me, that was not. Though I am still going to reject you but this time with some logic)

Conclusion of this whole story is- Yoga has all the power to transform one, physically and mentally. And everybody has their own right time, do not compare your story with others. You are unique in your own way.


45 thoughts on “WTF – What a Transformation, Friend”

  1. It’s amazing transformation you hav Namita and I’m happy to be a part of this journey
    U r funny and the best part of you, is you make ur own joke sometime which actually I dnt like but I always happy to see your positive vibe regarding ur life these days bcoz of yoga
    Keep it up 💯🤗

  2. Namitha di amazing 😮transformation and I loved reading it😍 and Di you are inspiring and you will always be inspiration 👌👌
    Di bhot baar main esa sochta hu ‘how can you do this 😮’
    You are really amazing di. ❤❤lots of love and blessings from me for your future

  3. U r inspiring everyone yes yoga make everyone strong both physically and mentally because of u I have changed a lot thanks for inspiring me ❤️😘

  4. What we used to call Don at school time is today a yoga guru🙏
    This is a very strange transformation😇

    I am happy to see that you are now walking on a spiritual path.😇🙏

  5. namita u are a wonderwoman..i am glad that i found u..u are really good in nature..god bless u..u may get everything in ur life u want..

  6. Namita! It’s really amazing to read your blogs really inspiring and very interesting to read. Looking forward for more 😊

  7. You are the best version of yourself. Always loved you the way you are. Not only in yoga but you can rock anything with your swag. 😘

  8. Indeed Yoga has that potential to get someone into a new avatar. Quite inspiring & encouraging
    Kudos 👍👍

  9. RIP to the boy feeling (ldke hone ka dharam nibha lu) 🤣baaki to

    You are doing a wonderful job, keep doing this, explore it and one day u will fly buddy with this Yoga!!!

    Best of luck!!

  10. Well I Dnt like reading article n blog etc.but honestly I really like Ur blog it’s very inspiring, motivational and interesting too😅 keep it up😘

  11. Yes, one clearly is unique in his/her own way. And you clearly are an entire movie of uniqueness, coming back to the frame where it all starts getting off towards the goal.
    Much obvious, we all are proud of you. Not just for your path you have chosen, but also that you are coming out of your shell. And that is most important.

    Always there 😘

  12. Oh my god! I know you since u were 30/32 kg and become fat (that is 42 kg 😛), though I loved you in each phase. This one is my favourite 💓. I can’t believe myself when i say this that u have become mature and found your true passion 💯…….way to go my friend (#rishtedaar). Lot’s of love ♥️

  13. “I really look up to you or admire you sweetheart😍 u r such a brave lady… I really need this inspiration thanks babe ..lots of love nd success…


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