You And I

You and I

I roast people.

I criticise.

I am stubborn.

I lie.

I hurt others.

Wondering why I mentioned my negative points here in this blog?

Because having been scrolling Instagram all day long and came across to quotes which inspire many, especially teenagers who went through failed relationships.

And somewhere deep down they start connecting themselves with those posts.

The similarity in such posts is that “You/He/She” (Another person) is always been accused and “I” is always a victim.

How always “I” correct and “you” wrong?

We live in a society where criticising others makes us look innocent.

I believe in fact,Β  that nobody is perfect and everybody tends to make mistakes. And nobody can clap with their one hand, the failure is from both sides. We always believe that we’ve given our best and another person still left us.

Ever wondered why? What went wrong?

There might be something wrong with “I” too.

Might be “I” mentally tortured “YOU” and brought him/her to its extent where he/she has to step forward leaving “I” behind.

Might be “I” trusted the wrong person, who is not actually wrong or bad person but not correct for “I” as well.

Reasons could be many.

Instead of accusing “You”, Start Introspecting within. Sit with yourself and try discovering the reason, keeping your mind neutral.

According to Yoga: Universe is within us, our all answers of the questions lies within us. We just need to give time to ourselves, talk to ourselves, learn to understand our own mistakes and faults. If we got these answers and we work on it, then “You” will never be accused just respected by “I” or vice-versa.

I am working on myself

Are you?


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